Friday, September 03, 2010


Ok, just in case anyone is driving by the blog this weekend: I'm at Bumbershoot the next 3 days. I'm sharing a booth with my friend Miranda. It's her charity booth - she sells handicrafts made by her friends in Cofan, Ecuador. Cofan is geographically the top of the Amazon in Ecuador, and she guides tours there, and buys hand crafted items - mostly gorgeous woven hammocks, but other things too, like bracelets and small goods. What she brings back with her, she sells here and gives the profits to the Cofan Survival Fund, which helps the children go to school, in addition to saving their culture and environment. I'll get the exact link and post here later.

So I'm sharing her booth space this time around, and a portion of all my sales will go to them too. We're in the Alki Court area, which is just behind and below the Key Arena. There is a music stage there, and the Museum of Hot Glass show tent too, right in front of us. We're next to the building that is doing all the catering for the event (not the food vendors) - the catering for the bands and staff etc. So there will be lots of activity and entertainment all around. We're not part of the official "Indie Market" areas, but we're right in the middle of things, just off the path of the food vendors. That is as specific as I can get.

Bob Dylan and Mary J Blige are headliners, but there are tons of bands. Check out all the info about the festival HERE.

It's all one big cramming fest this week and next. The Autumn newsletter went in the mailbox late this afternoon. It will show up in mailboxes tomorrow or early next week, for those out-of-towners. The email version will hit mailboxes tomorrow morning, And I'll have an online version here too tomorrow morning. The website is live right this very mintue.

All that Autumn push happened in the last few days, in addition to suddenly trying to get ready for this show, all at the same time I'm trying to get my mountain of stuff done for the Puyallup Fair which happens next week. The Fair sets up Wednesday morning, so I have only Tuesday as my turn-around day. After working 3 straight days of 12-15 hour days at Bumbershoot, I think Tuesday is going to really hurt. Bumbershoot goes late. Really late. We stay open til at least 9pm, but the last biggest shows end at 11:30 or midnight and we might stay open later if it's busy.

I'm rambling tonight. Just got back from setting up over at Seattle Center. I'm excited and tired and overwhelmed and so many mixed emotions. I'm really looking forward to this thing. And then I'm a bit apprehensive about how it will all work out in the end too. But you gotta take on new challenges and try new stuff. That's what life is all about. Otherwise you're just dead, eh? Bring it on. Catch ya on the flip side.