Saturday, September 04, 2010

Autumn 2010 Newsletter

Just for those of you who may not be on the mailing list or email list - I'm posting the new Autumn Newsletter here too. It explains all the new fall products in detail. And because I'm pressed for time this week, I'm not doing links for each item mentioned, just one link for all the products which are in one place on the Seasonal Products page. And one other link - my schedule of events for the next few months.


Dear Friends,

While we’ve been frolicking about carefree in our shorts and flipflops, summer’s begun to fade. It’s true. The once vibrant flower beds are becoming sort of dry, crinkly and past their prime. Dried, yellow leaves are just beginning to drift out of the trees, signaling another change of seasons. Fall is on its way.

Autumn brings a renewed sense of purpose – a return to school, work, and routines as familiar as your favorite old pair of shoes. It’s a bit of a comfort really, to sink into a warm, cozy chair and spend time just watching the rain drops splash against the window. The cool, crisp brilliance of a sunny September, with its picture-perfect days and star-filled nights come and go so quickly. October’s stunning show of colors turn from yellow to red to brown in a flash. Suddenly it’s already November, a return of the rains and the doorway to the holidays. Savor all the little moments, because like the spookiest little carved pumpkin, it doesn’t last long.


Autumn’s cool, crisp air crystallizes our senses. The whisper of wind and the crunch of dead leaves shoo us back indoors to the comforts of home – soups stewing, goodies baking and fireplaces burning. This year’s Autumn Harvest soaps are loaded with our favorite fruits and spices, taking the best of the season and celebrating the bounty. ($4.25 each or 4 bars for $16.00)

Pumpkin Carrot: Scented with creamy pumpkin, rich vanilla, and a sprinkling of spice, it’s always one of the most popular soaps we make each fall, but this year’s soap has a little something extra. Carrot powder adds both depth of orange color and nutrient properties too. Carrots are packed with vitamins, have anti-aging benefits, and help heal dry, cracked or chapped skin, a common problem as we head into cooler weather.

Nutmeg Buttermilk: Pure toasty nutmeg, warm and comforting. I’ve wanted to do this single spice scent for a long time and I’m sorry I waited because it’s truly lovely. Colored with rhassoul clay, it’s the exact caramel color of a sprinkling of nutmeg. Fresh buttermilk in the recipe makes it extra rich, creamy and moisturizing. (100% natural ingredients)

Apple Jack: Autumn and apples are inseparable partners. This soap is an irresistible blend of tart green apples, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, spicy clove, and nutmeg – a wonderful take on a traditional apple spice style fragrance.

Almond Mint: Candy! This blend of dreamy almond and two kinds of mints is sweet and fresh at the same time. A pretty ivory-colored bar, the combination brings out the best of everything for a deliciously creamy, delightfully fun soap.

Many of the previous Autumn soaps have become such favorites that they’ve continued on and become regulars on the standard menu. Lavender Pear, Moroccan Fig, and Cinnamon Pear are especially lovely treats at this time of the year and worth another try.


For both the Autumn and Winter seasons, I’ve added Latte Caffe, Chai Spice, and Cinnamon Ginger Mint flavored lip balms to the menu du jour. Who can resist these treats? It’s the same nourishing, natural lip balm base that I carry in a dozen lip—smacking flavors, but the perfect flavor for Halloween treats, Thanksgiving celebrations and Christmas memories. See the enclosed brochure or the web site for the full list of flavors – Vanilla Tangerine, Root Beer, Raspberry Soda, Herbal Mint, Strawberry Rose, Coconut Lemon, mmmm . . . (1/2 oz tin - $ 2.00)


New! I’ve made bunches of the mini 2 oz bars in the most popular regular fragrances: Lavender Lemongrass, Clove Mint, Vanilla Bean & Honey, French Lavender and Moroccan Fig. One of each of the 5 fabulous scents are piled up in a little stack, tied with bakery twine. Such pretty colors. Such a great idea for guest baths, travel soaps, or small gifts. Such a reasonable price - it’s only $10 for the whole package. I have attached a little card which describes the soaps and lists the scents too, so it’s all tied up for the perfect gift for absolutely everyone. You’ll want loads of these for the holiday season.


Our rustic, chunky bath salts come directly from the Dead Sea. Completely unrefined, these salts are solar evaporated from southern Dead Sea water in southern Israel. Pure, fresh salts with a mineral content that is 7 times greater than other types of sea salts, they work wonders on purifying and detoxifying, improving circulation and moisturizing skin, soaking away stress, and relaxing muscles, aches and pains.

The Dead Sea salts are quite concentrated in their healing and nourishing properties, so a little goes a long way. Just toss a small handful, or approximately a quarter of a cup into your bath water, and use even less for foot soaks. The fragrance may seem a little strong at first whiff in the bottle but they are scented to fill a full bath.

The standard fragrances are: French Lavender, Vanilla Bean & Honey and Almond Ginger. Just for fall, I’ve added Sandalwood Jasmine – a beautiful blend of soft wood and pretty floral. (16 oz bottle - $ 8.00)


The next few months are filled to the brim with craft shows, fairs and festivals too. I’m making an extra effort to bring the goodies to you. See the enclosed calendar or log onto the website to get more details on the “Show Schedule” page.

As always, I sincerely appreciate your loyal business throughout the year, and wish you a brilliant and abundant harvest season!