Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stamps and blather

These are the stamps I'm using for the Winter newsletter mailing. It's called Thanksgiving Day Parade, and it looks like a window pane of 4 designs on the USPS web site, but they've just arrived and it's really a vertical strip, with one entire design spread across all 4 stamps. Kind of cool. If you look closely the bottom row attaches to the back of the first two and it's a little slice of band and giant turkey balloon from the New York Macy's parade.

I just thought the colors were nice and it was more hip than the stupid holiday stamp designs this year. I never like to do religious ones - just doesn't fit with business. But the generic holiday is usually dumb - nutcrackers, ornaments. I'd love a pretty snowflake design. But the parade it is. And I'm running on about this why? Because I don't got nuthin' else.

I've been mulling over the blog, which is especially dusty and forlorn. In order to write a blog - a personal type blog, not just a business/advertising/marketing type blog - you have to be doing or thinking something interesting. Or else be an especially great writer of boring nothings. None of the above going on over here. My life is so singularly dull right now. Nothing but work.

It's a week or two before the big kick off of November and December holiday sales. Next month is when the newsletter goes out. The craft shows will be 3 per week. The mail order stuff will be piling up into mountains. And I'll be buried deep for a couple of months, just running frantically. And right now is just as frantic, but in prep work. Finishing up the last minute decisions, writing the letter, updating the web site etc. I spend all day making as much soap as possible, running around from task to task, doing half of it, while my mind reels out of control, jotting notes, starting another little task, another little pile. Printing labels, making supply runs, endless lists, questioning everything. So, so dull.

And the blog? Well, there's hardly time to write. But I can't think straight enough to get a sentence out anyway. And honestly, even thinking about doing a blog post seems like another chore. You know what happens when you commit to a personal blog? Your whole perception of your day, your life changes - like you work your way through each activity thinking about how to describe it to strangers rather than just doing it and moving on. Should I write about this? or this? or this? Oh, maybe I should be taking a picture of my breakfast? Or talk about what I had for dinner? which might be interesting, if it weren't just toast or noodles.

So alas, I'm just incredibly busy. Doing the doing that has to be done right now. And not having any kind of entertaining thoughts about any of it. Just head down. Shoulders hunched and sore. A slight headache. Because I'm a one-gal show over here and there's way too many things on my plate at the moment. It's like this every year. This one isn't worse, or better. It just is and that's what I do.