Monday, October 05, 2009


It's all good. The weekend ended up being beautiful weather, though a bit chilly on Saturday. And sales were great. But what's even better?

The sweetest little girl stopped by the booth with her family to sniff up the soaps. She picked up one after another, mmmmm'ing and ahhhhh'ing until she got to one specific one. With the bar smooshed up under her nose she cried "Oh Mommy, I love this one! I could smell it for my entire life!!" Yes indeed.

It happens to be my favorite one too. But I'm not telling which one. Because if you don't care for it, you'll think we're crazy. And if you happen to feel that way about one of the others, I don't want to make you doubt your choice. Hopefully somebody thinks that about each and every flavor.

It's all good.

This week I'm at Group Health - my own temporary shop space that I've done in the past. Wednesday through Friday. I'll get the details together and post that later. There's way too much to do today to get ready for it all. Just wanted to pop in and say it was a great weekend and life is good. That's all it takes.