Thursday, September 24, 2009


The blog has been left by the wayside I'm afraid. So busy at the Fair and everything else too.

This has been amazing weather, huh? So warm, so sunny, so beautiful. I love the September light. It's softer, more diffused than the blaring summer sun. As it moves so much quicker across the sky, the dappled patterns, filtered through the leaves is lovely. And the deeper, more distinct colors at sunrise and sunset are breath-taking. The last couple of evenings have been so warm and perfect - as we were leaving the Fair the other night I thought it just couldn't be a nicer night to be out and enjoying the world. A very special year this year.


I dropped a bottle of Almond fragrance oil this morning. Crashed into smithereens on the cement basement floor. I can't stand the stink. Really. I've cleaned, then mopped, then steam cleaned. I've used a roll of paper towels and newspapers and rags. Torn apart everything in the vicinity and soaped it clean. And it still stinks to high heaven. I have to leave the house now.


My December show schedule just fell apart. I'm working on it - but there's a good chance I won't be at Phinney Ridge this year. I hate to even type that. I'm trying not to even think that it could be possible since it's my best show each year. Just send good vibes that I'll be in my same little spot in the red room again.


Roasted poblano peppers. Delicious. Mild but with kick. I just got a dozen of them in our CSA box this week, so I could roast them and freeze them for stews and stuff later. We ate stuffed ones last week and they were amazingly good. So this week we got a bunch more to preserve for later. My tomato plants are still pumping out fruits, and they are still super tasty. Usually by this time they are getting bitter, or thick skinned due to the cold snaps at night, or never getting ripe due to the colder, greyer days. But this September, we are still in tomato heaven. Hoorah! Tomato sandwiches on english muffins with cream cheese for lunch.

Gotta head out and do errands or something now. I just have to leave this stinking house.