Friday, September 04, 2009

Autumn Newsletter 2009

Just cross-posting the new fall newsletter here as well. It's in the mail today, and in the email inboxes too. Plus the web site has been updated with all the new products.

I've been working on the site a bit too - rearranging it just a tad to make it easier to use. There's a "BUY NOW" button for all the products, rather than a list of tabs on the home page for each type of product, which was a bit more confusing and redundant. On the BUY NOW page is the one big-ass disclaimer about how the purchasing works for me - the little lecture about how the orders get processed back at the ranch, with shipping and taxes added later, rather than insto-presto while you are online. I've said all that before so I won't take up space here again on that, but as always, let me know if anything is unclear. And then the links to the soap page, the spray page, the gift items page, the seasonal stuff page (which I will feature new each season but always have available) and the clearance sale page. I think it makes a little more sense, even though it's one more level of clicking. It sort of clears up a lot of information all over the place that didn't quite make it across. I think. Anyway, here's the fall news scoop:

It's hard to believe our glorious summer is fading into fall, but the shorter days and cooler weather are signaling the winds of change. After all those days of record-breaking heat and endless sunshine, the return to our "usual" weather - chilly, breezy, drizzly - somehow feels like a welcome old friend who's been away too long.

As we head indoors, reacquainting ourselves with sweaters and hot tea, it feels like a return to the basics. Simple pleasures and appreciating what's right in front of us just feels right, especially now when Fall has so many treasures to offer. Although Autumn's magic sometimes sweeps by too quickly, the breath-taking color show of the trees and an over-abundant harvest is more than enough gifts for just one short season.


Autumn's cool, crisp air crystallizes our senses. The whisper of wind, the crunch of dead leaves, and the light patter of raindrops welcome us back indoors to the comforts of home. This year's Autumn Harvest soaps are loaded with our favorite fruits and spices, taking the best of the season and celebrating the bounty. ($4.00 each or 4 bars for $15.00)

Pumpkin Carrot: Scented with creamy pumpkin, rich vanilla, and a sprinkling of spice, it's always one of the most popular soaps we make each fall, but this year's soap has a little something extra. Carrot powder adds both depth of orange color and nutrient properties too. Carrots are packed with vitamins, have anti-aging benefits, and help heal dry, cracked or chapped skin, a common problem as we head into cooler weather.

Cinnamon Pear: Luscious yellow pear topped with a touch of cinnamon, this soap smells warm and delicious. It's the perfect little indulgence - sudsing up with this fruity delight is a simple daily luxury which nobody should live without.

Honey Orange Clove: Sweet orange, a dash of pomander cloves, and a spoonful of soothing honey. This is a lighter scented soap, with the added benefits of pure honey. Calming and hydrating are just a few of honey's wonders for skin - it heals and reduces infection too. The bright orange and clove scent is a traditional holiday treat I look forward to each year.


The Autumn aromatic sprays add a festive and cozy feel to any home. Unlike potpourri or candles, these sprays can be used to spritz table linens, a quilt in a guest room, freshen bathrooms and closets, mist a note card or gift box, and a million other ways too. ($6.00 each)

Apple Harvest: Tart, juicy green apples with a light sprinkling of cinnamon. It's the quintessential scent of Autumn, and one whiff transports you to nostalgic memories of apple orchards, cider presses, the crackle-snap of crunchy leaves, and bobbing for apples.

Vanilla Bean Spice: Vanilla, first grown in Mexico, was considered a gift from the gods. The world's only edible orchid, vanilla grows on a vine and can only be pollinated by special small bees, hummingbirds or by hand in order to bear fruit - the vanilla bean. It's intoxicating scent is both calming and an aphrodisiac. This fragrance spray is rich vanilla with a sprinkling of cinnamon spice.


Just for the Autumn season, I've added Pumpkin Pie, Egg Nog and Hot Cocoa flavored lip balms to the menu du jour. Who can resist these treats? It's the same nourishing, natural lip balm base that I carry in a dozen lip-smacking flavors, but the perfect flavor for Halloween treats, Thanksgiving celebrations and Christmas memories. See the enclosed brochure or the web site for the full list of flavors - Cupcake, Vanilla Tangerine, Root Beer, Raspberry Soda . . .mmm


Our sweet little vintage-style wire berry baskets are now white in color. They are 5 inches square, with wood handles and perfectly sized for gift basket making. Adorable with a bar of a soap and one of the little cotton scrubbie accessories - it's a charming way to decorate your bathroom with flair and fragrance. And they can be used for almost anything later - collecting keys on the front table to holding towels on the bathroom sink, to decorating your fall home. Check out the photos on the web site! (Set - $12.95)


I'll be repeating my temporary Group Health storefront two times this fall. I will have my own little retail shop for a few days in October and again in December. Group Health has a tiny jewel of a storefront that they loan it out to artists from time to time, and a percentage of all sales funds their TLC Guild which helps with patient's needs. It's designed to be a gift boutique, especially focused on fall and winter holiday gifts. It's located at 108 - 15th Ave E, kitty-corner from the Safeway on John St. Dates are October 7 - 9, and December 9 - 11. Hope to see you there!

The next few months are filled to the brim with craft shows, fairs and festivals too. I'm making an extra effort to bring the goodies to you. See the Show Schedule page for more details.

As always, I sincerely appreciate your loyal business throughout the year, and wish you a brilliant and abundant harvest season!