Friday, January 09, 2009

One dry day

It's quiet here. Well, actually I guess it's not really that quiet in the noise kind of way. It's quiet in the work kind of way. Just a few little orders dribbling in, and much of the end-of-year paperwork finished.

There is however, quite a bit of banging and shuffling and grunting going on. Major cleaning out. The rains have stopped, for a day. And we didn't need to be evacuated due to flooding here. Living on a big hill does have some benefits, even if it's hell during snow storms. But the basement leaks. Each time a bit more it seems. New little creeks and rivers showed up this week and meandered around to corners and under boxes. So I spent time moving stuff around, making little platforms for piles and eventually decided that I just had too much stuff stored down there.

I began small, starting with some boxes of old supplies and packaging that I haven't used in years. Ebay! I've never sold anything on Ebay, but it must be easy if millions of other people do it every day. I'll finally do it, I think. I'll spend days figuring out how to photograph it, write fabulous little blurbs that will be irresistable, and then post it up. After a week, when I don't get a nibble, or a single bid, I'll cry. But hope floats and maybe I'll make back a buck or two on the stuff that cost me quite a lot more at the time.

Then I started finding stuff I really needed to just pitch out - soap biz odds and ends that were so grime covered or out of date that they could never be used. So I started stuffing the trash can.

Then I started finding even more stuff - props and decorations that I once used but have moved on. Some will be donated, some sold at another show, all of it shuffled and moved around.

Then I moved on to the bedroom. I figured that if I was making a trip to Goodwill, I might as well toss in some old trousers.

Then this morning I decided to clean out my car. Major cleaning. Which is big, because it means that I can finally put the back 2 car seats in that were stacked in the corner of the study. Should have happened a month ago.

So that was just the first pass. No matter what kind of flooding we get next, I'm not going to get anything wet down there. But I do need to do another round of organizing. And if that Ebay thing works out, maybe I can sell off a bit more. Not only does hope float, but styrofoam peanuts do too.