Friday, January 16, 2009

New Sale Items

January means big clean up at the studio.

This year, I'm going a little deeper. I'm planning ahead for a remodel of the basement area where my office and work space is located. It's a ways off. But I'm thinking ahead. And just starting to add items to the clearance sale page on the web site. There are a number of new sprays there. I'm adding the rest of the winter holiday soaps there too.

And all the big jars of bath salts are on sale too this month. The bath salts aren't really a clearance item. Don't worry, I'm not dumping the bath salts, and they will continue. I'm just putting them on a discount price this month for the heck of it. To boost sales and because it is sooooo the long, hot, soaking season. If there was ever a time to just relax in a tub of hot water, it's now, when the skies are gray and the winds are cold. So they are on the usual bath goods page of the site still. They are 25% off the usual price all month. And maybe longer. We'll see.

Check back often on that sale page. I'll hopefully be adding more soon. And I'll post a note here when I do. Have a great holiday weekend.