Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are you a "Pinner"? Me too!

Raise your hand if you sometimes get lost "pinning" on Pinterest. Maybe for hours without even realizing it. Anybody? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

I can't say I'm addicted to Pinterest. Because I've gone days without going over there. I think. At least when I didn't have internet. :) But I have to admit I love it. Oooooh, all those pretty pictures. I rationalize it by the fact that I'm a visual person. And I need all those mood boards and pretty pins to inspire my creativity. And to help me visualize my ideas and plans and goals and stuff. Or just what to have for dinner.

I've been playing around on Pinterest for a long time. And honestly, I didn't really think I needed (or wanted) to share this little toy with the world. All the business blogs, social media experts and success gurus keep blah-blah'ing about how to maximize your content and increase followers etc through your Pinterest boards. Which made me want to run and hide even more.  This was my own little secret playground! But then, of course the other side of the coin. Why not?! The more the merrier, and all that.

I chased this around and around in my head for probably a year now. I created a new account for the business, started to make boards for a few hours and then quickly cancelled it. Then I spent time trying to plan out how to rearrange my own personal board to be a bit more "professional" and "business-like," ultimately ditching that project too. I just wasn't clear on what to do. Or why I was doing it.

But I just couldn't let go of the idea that sharing it with a wider group of people was a good thing. I'm still not entirely clear what my plan is for merging the business aspects with my personal boards. That is still evolving a bit and I trust I will figure it out in small steps, like everything else I've done.

What I finally resolved is that 1) I can. not. stand. people who make those ridiculous Pinterest accounts with like 8 boards of 12 pins each that mean nothing and are obviously doing it just for show. Nobody likes a faker. And we can spot the dupes and the self-promoters a mile away. 2) I wasn't going to be like that. 3) I just couldn't possibly spend the time to try to create and manage two accounts, one personal and the other business. Especially since so much of what I liked to pin was actually inspiration for my life and business and the whole thing just seemed to be completely and charmingly intertwined. Bottom line: I am just putting the whole enchilada out there. Whoever likes it, welcome. And if it's not your thing, no biggie. I get it. Just scroll on to the next newest viral vid and we're still pals.

This is what I will say: I am formally inviting you all to my Pinterest home for an open house. Since I've been pinning just for me all this time, I will warn you that there are a hella lotta food boards. Lots of home deco. The usual wanderlust, travel, babies, health and wellness, a little fashion. Just a small smattering of beauty - no fingernails, make-up or hair do's. I have obsessions for pretty soap, holidays and the seasons.

Oh, and just to be the tiniest bit professional, I've created a hybrid name for the time-being, just so I don't confuse my current followers. And I've spent a morning adding some of my own products and better blog posts, so that anybody who drops by will now know what the heck I'm doing for a living. That's about it. Enjoy!

Welcome to my Pinterest Boards.