Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winding Down 2013

This year is finally coming to a close.  I picked up and packed up the last show yesterday.  And put it all away today - finally getting the mounds and piles of stuff that I've been dodging around the last few months all back in place and organized.

I just didn't want to start off the new year in an office and studio that was a complete tornado, full of left over bits and bobs cluttering my space.

Later this week I'll still have to do inventory and counting it all up.  And January is a full month of bookkeeping, accounting, analyzing - trying to figure out what went right and what went wrong.  There is all kinds of work ahead, making plans for the new year.

But for the moment, right now, this afternoon, I am done.  Done with the lists.  Done with the endless tasks and chores and bits of work that are always nibbling at my heels.

To be honest, it's been a tough go the last couple of months.  I know it's just that I'm tired and haven't gotten it all past me yet, but it feels longer and harder each winter holiday season.

I am very much looking forward to a few days of rest and recuperating.  No deadlines.  No wagon loads of mail orders.  No shows to prepare for.  Just quiet solitude at my desk.  Catching up on everything, but at my own pace.

Creativity and new ideas sometimes come out of challenges, but the bigger picture ones, for me at least, come from a place of peace.  I hope January is that place.

Just to catch you all (regular readers) up on how it ended - the kitchen project was almost finished in time for Christmas.  It's gorgeous and I'll post a couple of photos soon.  The windows were delayed, like most things, and didn't arrive until last Friday, so we are doing trim now, and I still have a day or two of painting ahead.

But we had our huge Christmas Eve feast cooked in the new kitchen, with a dishwasher this time!  So much more light and space.  Everything is so shiny and pretty and new.  I sometimes just stand there and stare and sigh.  What we waited so long for, and worked so hard for, is finally finished and perfect.  Feels good.

Deep breath.  A place to stop.  Hope for a better tomorrow.  That's what New Year's Eve is all about.  Collectively we all mark a spot to say "check", "done".  And begin to dream about what's new and what's next.  It's a beautiful space to be in.  Cheers!