Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frights in the Night

Happy Halloween!

Looking forward to seeing all the little gremlins, witches, zombies - oh, and princesses too tonight.  Not quite as enthused by the teenagers in jeans and hoodies holding plastic grocery sacks.  Costumes, people!  It's not fun if you don't play along . .

Our house has only a couple of sorta lame carved pumpkins on the porch this time.  No twinkie lights or spooky music.  Everything is packed up in a box somewhere under piles of dust.  It's a kitchen remodel project.  Argh.

We picked the worst time ever to do this.  It's everyone's busiest time for everything, and yet we've added on the frustration of camping out in the dining room out of a box and a microwave.  Loud hammering, sawing and plastic sheeting fills my days - where I'm stressfully trying to pack for a million shows, write the winter holiday newsletter, do all the website updates, send out piles of orders. . . It's a blur of activity.  And way too many decisions to make every minute.  I'll be the fried-out zombie way past Halloween.

I'll be so glad when it's all over by Christmas.  This season especially, I'll be incredibly grateful for the silence of January.