Monday, September 30, 2013

New! Soapscriptions!!

Soapworks Studio's Soap-of-the-Month Club is now a SoapScription!

No more panicky moments in the shower, wondering if you’ve got another bar for tomorrow.  With a “SoapScription” you’ll know that you’re always in the suds because you’ll be receiving regular shipments of soap bars so you never run out!

Club SoapScribers will join me on a journey through the seasons, sampling some of my year-round favorites and my seasonally inspired new scents. 

Your SoapScription will arrive in your mailbox at the start of each month with two full-size bars of handmade, artfully created Soapworks Studio soaps in a padded envelope, plus the latest seasonal newsletter detailing my inspirations and descriptions of the current crop of products.  You will also receive a 10% off coupon to order other products or more of something you have fallen deeply in love with.

Your very first delivery will include freebies -- a scrubby soap mitt and a natural wood soap dish as a gift to get you started on your sudsy adventure.

Junior – 3 months                                 $12.00 per month = $ 36.00
Half Naked – 6 months                         $ 11.50 per month = $ 69.00
The Full Monty – full year                      $ 11.00 per month = 132.00

All shipping and taxes are included in the subscription price. You can renew at any time to continue receiving your monthly fix, and you’ll be notified of your final shipment so that you can re-order at that time also.

If you have requests or an aversion to something, please email us and let us know so that we can make sure you get the best possible package.

This makes an awesome gift too! We would be delighted to send this each month directly to your gift recipient, and will include your personal message in a gift card with the goodies.  Type your note in the message box to the right, or call the office with all your information.

The holidays are right around the corner, so this might be the perfect no-fuss gift for all kinds of folks on your gift list.  Start off with the winter holiday seasonal soaps in December, and by February, the spring soaps will be ready to sample too!  There is no better gift than a special treat that gets used up and cherished instead of sitting on a shelf, especially if it lasts for months and months.