Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's up this week

Bunch of shows this week - but it's winding down for holiday craft shows.

Here's the schedule and it's all I've got left before Christmas:

Nov 16 - Dec 24           Allied Arts of Whatcom County
                                   Holiday Festival of the Arts
                                   1200 Meador St, near the Haskell Business Ctr
                                   Wed - Sun 10am - 6pm,
                                   Bonus Days:  Mon 12/20, Tues 12/21,  Sat 12/24 10am - 3pm
Nov 29 - Dec 29            Warm Beach Camp - Lights of  Christmas
                                   Warm Beach Camp, 20800 Marine Dr., Stanwood
                                   Dates: Nov 29 - Dec 2, Dec 6-9, 13-16, 18-23, 26-29
                                   Gates open 5pm - 10pm   
Dec 1 - 2                      Winter Festival and Crafts Fair
                                    Phinney Neighborhood Center
                                    6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle
                                    Sat and Sun 10am - 5pm                   
Dec 5 - 8                     Group Health Holiday Shop
                                   Group Health Central Campus, shop space
                                   108 - 15th Ave E, Capitol Hill
                                    Wed - Fri 9am-4pm
Allied Arts has been going on for a couple of weeks now.  I think they've finally got enough signs up all over town :)  The actual space is quite nice, but it is a little bit off the beaten path.  It's in the Haskell Business Park, just off of I-5 at the Lakeview exit if you are going north.  Lots of ways to get there from other parts of town.  Click the link above and it will take you to a map and directions.  Really great one-of-a-kind gift ideas.  If you don't find what you need on the top of my table, take a peek below.  I'm bringing bins and bins of stuff, but can't be there every day to fluff up the display.
Warm Beach will start tomorrow.  I'm in the Joyland Emporium like I have been the last two years, just near the cashier's.  I've brought all the seasonal stuff there too.  Gosh, if you haven't been up there to see their light display, it's really gorgeous and a fun thing to do with the family.  So much entertainment, restaurants and snack booths (the hot mini donuts are amazing).  Carolers, concerts, the works.  Click the link above to see the whole caboodle - maps, directions, entertainment schedule, etc.  There is even a pay-what-you-can night for admission, but that will be incredibly crowded and long waits.
And this is Phinney weekend.  Always one of my biggest shows of the year and even if it wasn't I would still love it so, so much.  Great, super duper quality artists.  So many holiday gifts under one roof (oops, two roofs).  Also entertainment and bands, bake sale, restaurant in the brick building below.  I'm in the big blue building with the parking lot, top floor, largest room just next to the entertainment lobby up there.  Almost same space as last year.  It was fun to be so close to all the music and hoopla!  I'm dreading hoofing all my heavy bins up the stairs, but I'll just consider it exercise in exchange for all the holiday goodies I'll be eating later.
Finally, next week is my little shop space at Group Health again.  I know I won't probably get back to blog about it Monday, I'll be toast by then, so I'm including it here.  Same spot, same times - I'm always so excited to see my fans over there.  But everyone is welcome.  It's an actual little glass front shop space that we artists/craftspeople get to borrow from them to set up our own little store.  A portion of our sales goes to their Patient Needs fund and it's bought so many great things for the folks over there - from little things like toothbrushes, to big things like wheelchairs.  So I'm open for business with all my wares in one spot.  Great way to see the entire selection, pick up all your holiday gifting without shipping costs.  
So after next week, it's mail order only.  Unless you're in Bellingham or stopping by the lights.  
And I might note now, while I'm at it, that even though this year I have made literally a thousand more bars than I did for all of last year (and I'm still making soap for another month), I'm starting to get low in all kinds of things, and expect this next week or so to wipe me out of a lot.  Plus there are a couple of rather large corporate orders to send off too this week and next.  So if you have a list you're wanting for holiday gifts, don't delay.  I just hate, hate, hate to disappoint people by running out of what they want.  And I tried my very best to be better prepared this year (again).  But I'm in the very same spot as always - running low, running out, and fretting.  poo