Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can't leave it alone

No that's not my cat. Just one of those "crazy cats sleeping" photos that people send other people who have cats. I started here because it's such a perfect butt-in-the-copier kind of photo. And I've done nothing but take photos all week. Erm, for the web site. Not my butt.

When I first started my work life right out of college I was a lowly secretary. And my best friend was the secretary at the desk next to me. Sometimes after we'd been out partying we would head back to the office (it was all walking distance in downtown San Francisco) and hang out in the copy room taking insane copier-photos of ourselves. Not butt shots - at least that I remember. Mostly crazy-face-pressed against the glass photos. Probably it was easier than finding a photo booth somewhere. And you just gotta immortalize all that fun. I digress. Way off track.

I've been obsessed with my web site this week. I can't stop messing with it. If you've visited in the last week or so, you have probably seen big changes. And it's not really done. I guess it never will be truly done.

One of my big goals this year was to really update it. Better design. Better photos. Better descriptions. Easier to navigate and find stuff. Just more usable and inviting in every way.

Today was a big photo day. We had a couple of two minute patches of sunshine, but it was dry. So I hauled a bunch of products out to take new pictures.

Here one of the new ones - a cuter look for the soap sacks. I did more vignette-style shots with stuff in the background. Group shots of things. And added 3 little bubble-type photos of products to the home page.

It's clear that I have no photography training, expensive equipment or special talent for styling. If you've been to Etsy or Pinterest, every single photo is like a million times better than what I had up there before. So my goal was to start working on my own. A little at a time. Just practicing. Each new and better photo I've uploaded to the site. Some items have had several different photos just in the last day or so. And they will stay until I can get an ever better one. For now, I'm just taking small steps in the right direction and teaching myself how.

There is no budget. No hiring of professionals. It's all DIY over here. If you've got feedback or opinions on any of the new stuff let me know. Good or bad, I'm all ears.