Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another cold gray day in summer

See that hammock? the beach? I really wish I was there. Our summer weather has been crap. Way too cold. Way too many drizzly, gray days. We can't get above 70 degrees here. Totally not summer weather.

It's already the 17th today. My last post was just before Sorticulture - which turned out great by the way and we actually had a day and a half of nice sunshine. I sort of missed it in my tent under the trees in the shade, but I did notice it. Super show this year with lots of great vendors and awesome plants.

Next weekend I'll be at a smaller garden tour show in Gig Harbor. I'm not supposed to reveal which garden I'll be in just yet - I guess it's supposed to be a secret. But I'll give you more details next week, in case you are in that area and planning to go. There are a number of houses on the tour and it's always fun to tour other people's little outdoor spaces, plus there will be artists in each of the locations, which makes it even more special.

This coming weekend there are more house project plans. Always something to work on here. And my last chance to do anything outside of soap this summer - because the next two months will be non-stop festivals and street fairs every weekend. To be honest, it looks pretty daunting from here. But it's the same schedule I give myself every years and I've managed to survive it each time, so it can't be that bad.

I'm working on production all the time now - hoping to get enough inventory made to last the summer. There are a few too many types of soap on my list I think. It's harder to keep up with all of them. I'm re-thinking that. But once it's on the list, it's almost impossible to take it off. Each and every one is somebody's favorite that they can't live withou. Same with the sprays and salts and lip balm flavors too. So I'm doing it all for the time being. Each time I think I've figured it all out, I realize heh, no, I have no idea what I'm doing. Just running in place.