Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Butt

It's been a few days since I've poked in here. Feels a little stale, maybe I should open a window?

How was turkey day? I had a good one, sandwiched in between days at the precious little shop I'm manning this weekend. Wow, I stuffed myself. I think I got turkey butt. Or this stool is kinda small.

Friday was pretty busy over here. Yep, I'm blogging from the shop itself. Last time we were here, the Saturday was totally dead. So I expected today to be slow too, and decided to haul over my computer.

Probably everyone in the world has a laptop and wouldn't think twice about that last statment. But I don't have a laptop. I've got a Mac, and while it's all one piece and more portable than others, it's still a heavy beast to lug on a road trip and set up. I have so much paperwork and general computing stuff to catch up on, that I just felt like it was necessary to be productive today, and not just sitting around reading magazines waiting for the 2 or 3 customers to straggle in all day. I've got the fuzzy slippers on, the snacks and soda pop. A full ipod of Christmas carols. It's almost better than my office. Wait, no. It's not. It's a glass fish bowl and this rolling cart that I'm set up on hurts me. And the chair is really bad. I think I mentioned that.

Boy, I got a lot done. A lot. It feels great. Some of this stuff I don't even get to do until January a lot of years. I'm all caught up to right this very minute on accounting, bookkeeping and database stuff. Now if only I could be that caught up on the mail orders that are streaming in. Hopefully I'll get a break for a few hours on Monday to do some of them. And I've got all day Tuesday in the office, so that's next. This week's focus is getting a heap of soap done for Phinney.

I need to be super prepared for Phinney - it's my biggest winter show, and I need it to be like twice as good as it ever was. I'm a comedian, eh? Since almost everything is down this year, and some of it is really really really down. Now that I've got all the numbers in one place, it's not looking that great. Oh, it's not horrible bad. Just super tight and worrisome. But there's still a month of shopping to happen. And belt tightening - which I think is why this little chair hurts so much, perched on it all day.

It's the weekend to be thankful, and grateful - counting my lucky stars. And I am. I'm still here and I'm still in business. Nobody trampled me to get into the store for door buster deals yesterday, but I had happy folks in and out of here all day.

The shop is open another 4 days - Monday through Thursday. I've been closing at 4 - so don't wait til the last minute to run over. It's so incredibly slow after 2 or so, that I just can't sit still another minute. I'm awful at this shop sitting thing and I start to get so antsy to get home and work on other things that are just screaming at me from my desk in the studio.

Tomorrow the shop is closed, like anyone cares, and at home we've declared it tree trimming day. So I'll have to hunt out all the decorations and make a run to the store for more lights. Eggnog eye openers and mountains of mess ahead. Sounds grand. If I hadn't been listening to christmas music for 8 hours straight the last week, I wouldn't believe it's the holidays already either.

Hope you're all having a fabulous turkey weekend!